The Harmony of Differences


War, race discrimination, terrorism, religious matters… Do those sound familiar to you guys?

I can only bring you all to my imaginary world; full of peace, unity and consideration; to remind all those who forgot the three most important things in the world. I am just a normal student who thinks and dreams about what I can do or what makes people blend with each other at least. Here I am, thinking that Culture can bring people together, laugh with peace and let you throw away the bad side of human nature. Culture is a biggest thing that you never imagined. Everyone in this superb world has their own culture and even though everyone has their own, why don’t you let your culture make friends with another culture? Can you imagine when another people try so nicely to fit in with your culture and they are willing to learn it and show the best of them? Its always make me smile to see a foreigner play a traditional instrument . Cuisine, tourism, traditional festivals, arts, and maybe some original lifestyle knowledge are just several things that you can learn from another Culture. Furthermore, once you love another Culture, you will start to learn or search another interesting thing in another place.

I can say Mythical and Mystical are the two most general yet fascinating to know of. These two things are never, ever lost in any single place in this world. Every place has their own story. The story will start from just one person until a billion people spread it all over the world. Who knows? God knows!

I know it sounds ridiculous but hey, people, start dreaming. Put your hopes up in the sky! It all starts from a dream. I think personally, a small thing can become a big thing, anytime and anywhere.

I can’t do anything to make world peace, but at least I have some time to share something hilarious and scary maybe ( I hope so 😉 ), to all of you…and something that might open up your mind about another side of Indonesia beside going to Bali.

Maybe next time, your trip will be going to a rural city to find what I’m going to share next.


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