Indonesia is a magical land..


It is very true that Indonesia is a magical land, just as in the title. For those who don’t know, Indonesia is an archipelagic country which has an  estimated 17000 islands; about 6000 of which are inhabited. From this basic information, we can see how rich and strong the culture in Indonesia is. Every part of Indonesia has its own culture but as an Indonesian, we do have our national motto which is ”Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, meaning “Unity in Diversity”. This national motto is not valid for the mystical and mythical world in Indonesia.


Indonesia has a lot of stories from every part of the city which are related to their own culture. Foreigners might not realize that even a small thing in Indonesia can mean ‘something spiritual’; they have some symbols or carvings  which are related to the spiritualism in that specific city. Furthermore, ‘mythical’ and ‘mystical’ are the two things that people might not separate with their life. Maybe some of you guys dont believe it, but still, sometimes you hear of some of the stories of it and probably, you will catch some of the tale and thinking of the truth? But well, if you seriously dont believe, at least you will know something about those things. See.. you cant deny it… and for you who believe it, I hope you can see with your eyes, based on the story you heard hahaha. I wish you safe.



Thus, javanese magic  in Indonesia is quite famous and is a strong spiritualism out there. I will share with you guys the details in another blog post. Keep in mind Bali, your favorite destination has a lot mystical, mythical and cultural “do’s and don’ts “ there. Beware guys…. you should keep up to date with my blog, guys, because every city in Indonesia that you might visit has ‘some’ story. Watch your step in Indonesia.


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  1. Thank you very much for coming to my hub and you explain very well about Indonesia in mystical side. I know that Indonesia has many mysterious things, I thought both of us believe about unseen world. They are exist and as a Muslim I must believe this. Very well written. Well done, my friend. I hope you can write many beautiful things about Indonesia. Our beloved country. Cheers….


  2. Hi Prasetyo,

    Thanks for your comment. Currently i still doing the research about mystical or mythical story in Indonesia. I have done several story but have not publish it yet. I just want to find another interesting story and publish it. I hope you can visit my blog next time. Anyway, i do believe in unseen world, even though i have not seen ‘something’ that might be make me collapse 😉 but i didnt deny of any unusual presence in our life. i just thing that is a part of cultural things that we must at least respect of it.

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