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  • Don’t cut your nails inside your own house, it will bring bad luck #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t cross your feet onto other feet, it will bring bad luck #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t put you hand on your forehead while sleeping it will bring a bad luck #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t sleep while maghrib (Sunset) (5.30pm- 7.00pm) it’s the time when the sky changes from bright to dark, it is when the ghosts come out #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t open your umbrella inside house it will bring you bad luck #BALI  #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • Virgin girls must wake up in early morning, otherwise her future prince will not come very soon #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t eat while you stand or walking otherwise your husband will easliy falling into another woman #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t lay flat on one’s stomach otherwise your parents will die soon #indonesia #myth
  • If you see a bright butterfly, go inside your house soon it will bring a good news, but if you see butterfly with a dark color you will get a bad news #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • For women, never go inside Balinese temple whilst having your period it will bring  bad luck #Bali #indonesia #myth
  • If you get a swollen blue purpleish mark, it means you must have been bitten by a ghost #indonesia #myth

Mbah Marijan the gatekeeper of Gunung Merapi (Mountain of Fire)


Gunung Merapi is known as one of the mystic mountain. Local people believe there are many spirits live in there. Many people been warned before climb the mountain to excuse and pray before they step on the Gunung Merapi. It is to prevent unwanted accident happened. Lots of accidents happened when they were not aware of the rules, some climbers get lost or fall from the mountain. Another thing, you cannot do anything or say anything bad on the Gunung Merapi. It will bring  very bad luck. Furthermore, Mbah Marijan was known very well when Gunung Merapi was erupted on the 2006. In that time, he refused the warning of the King of Yogyakarta and the president of Indonesia to go away from his house which only 3KM from the Gunung Merapi. He said that his job was to protect Gunung Merapi and he will not go anywhere. Mbah Maridjan is the man who was chosen by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono XI as the gatekeeper of Gunung Merapi replaced Mbah Maridjan’s dad because his dad died. The reason why Mbah Maridjan refused to leave his house because he said that day Gunung Merapi will not erupt, but he doesn’t know for tomorrow and its true the Merapi not erupt on that day, but a month later. He said to all the journalist and the local people, keep pray and don’t do anything bad which can make Merapi angry such as took the sand, cut the trees on the Merapi. Everytime the alert of Gunung Merapi happened, he will fasting, pray and go to Gunung Merapi to ‘talk’ with the spirit of Gunung Merapi and make it calm so Merapi will not angry and erupting. Every year, it will be held a sacred occasion for Gunung Merapi and Mbah Maridjan as a leader of the ocassion. The ceremony is to pray for the God and talk with the spirit of Merapi to keep safe and calm down. They also pray for the safe of Yogyakarta which the city of their place. Furthermore, the least eruption happened on October 2010 which in that time, slays the gatekeeper who is Mbah Maridjan. He again refused to leave his house, the last police team who went to his house went back to the safe place because Mbah Marijan told them that he needs to pray first and the police need to go back soon because the status of Merapi is really dangerous. Finally, after the eruption, Maridjan’s body was found in a  bent praying position. Broto Seno, commander of Yogyakarta’s search and rescue team, said the 83-year-old spiritual gatekeeper of Mount Merapi died almost instantly. “There were no signs of pain. His body was prostrated rigidly, not like he suffered from the fire,” he said. Speaking on behalf of the Yogyakarta Palace, Gusti Prabukusumo said they had a premonition about Mbah Maridjan’s fate. “We had known long before it happened that Mbah Maridjan would be taken by Merapi. Now that he’s gone, we have to choose a new gatekeeper soon,” Prabukusumo said. Another interesting part is when a close friend and fellow paranormal, Wangsafyudin, also known as Ki Demang, said he visited Mbah Maridjan four days before the eruption, asking him to leave. “He said he couldn’t because he had a responsibility and that because ‘my time to die in this place has almost come, I can’t leave,’ ” he said.

The walking death body in Toraja, South Celebes – Indonesia


Tana Toraja is regency of South Celebes in Indonesia. It is one of the most famous place in Indonesia as known for the culture. Recently, people have been asking about the truth of the walking death body in Tana Toraja. Luckily, my aunty is purely from Tana Toraja and she is know everything about Toraja. Actually I knew about the story long time ago. But people just know it. So, back in past, since Toraja is a cordillera area and quite a small regency with most of the people live in there will travel from another place to another place by walking. They will go through a long time journey with bumpy roads and full of rocks. So it is possible for them to die when they were walking through the road. Furthermore, when people found their dead  someone who has magic will be called and then they will give their magic spell to the death body to walking by themselves to go back to their home. It is for the death body and spirit which Toraja’s people do believe in appreciate the people who has died because their soul still alive. Once you don’t appreciate or forgot about them, you will get a bad luck. So it is a fact that death body can walking in Toraja. The spells are not using so much in the meantime, unless they really need it for example, they need the dead body walking by themselves to their cemetery. The dead body will put into a stone cave which is so high to reach. they believe their God comes from earth and sky, so dead bodies will not buried in the ground, it will contaminate the earth which has to be clean as a holy earth..

Indonesia’s favorite man.. The Rainman!


When you spent most of your time in Indonesia and during rainy season, you will know our famous man. We called it ‘Pawang Hujan’. His job is to move or delay the rain due to some important occasion will be held. Their job range type is from outdoor wedding party to governmental ceremony. They work based on Islam’s preception or teaching. They can only pray to God and ask to delay or move the rain to another part, such as mountain, river, or any other places. But still they believe everything is God’s plan they only just trying to ‘talk’ with God. Some of the Pawang Hujan needs chillies and chicken heads to give them more power to doing his magical supernatural prayer. According to my experiences, 90% of my friends or family who using their services was successfully. It is a common thing to use Pawang Hujan in Indonesia. Furthermore, they charged pretty high rates especially for the rich host.



Jengglot is the smallest creature that is believed to have vampire and mummy blood in them. It became well-known in Indonesia in the end of 1997. It has small size not more than 12cm, has  very long hair,teeth and their nails are so long. The owner, Hendra Hartanto said that he cannot tell the specific story how he get the Jengglot. He just said when he was in Pantai Ngilep, Malang, Jawa Timur – Indonesia to doing meditation. He was not really conscious, because it was like a dream. He said it between sleep and awake. He saw a something alive give him present, which has a big power and had been cursed and it is known as Jenglot. Jenglot’s hair and nails is growing. It has been tested with doctor and hospital that Jenglot’s skin is having a human DNA and Jenglot is came from a family of human or monkey species long time ago. Furthermore, Hendra claimed that every 35 days on Friday, he will give the Jenglot parfume and blood to be consumed. Hendra wasn’t really sure about the facts because he cannot wait in the front of the Jenglot everytime to check whether the Jenglot would drink it or not. But everytime he checked, he found that the parfume and the blood was gone.

Tuyul, the small creature that really annoying


Everyone in Indonesia is scared about Tuyul not because they will hurt you, but because Tuyul is sent to your house to steal your money. Someone who has Tuyul mostly to help them steal money in the night, is because normal people cannot see them. Also, Tuyul is used for helping the business growth successfully. Some people who can see their appearances, saw them urinating inside a meatball bowl while the costumer was eating. That restaurant is  really famous for the nice taste of the food.

Parakang – South Celebes


It’s a human but at night they change to be a Parakang, it a curse from family history. It is true, it happened because I know that some of my friend’s relatives is in a  family of Parakang and they do admit it. They just warn us to stay away from them or keep safe when you have a pregnant woman and a baby inside your house. Because they cannot help themselves not to drink and eat the blood of the baby and the fetus of the pregnant woman. Parakang live a long time until someone in their family  wants to take over the magic.