Jengglot is the smallest creature that is believed to have vampire and mummy blood in them. It became well-known in Indonesia in the end of 1997. It has small size not more than 12cm, has  very long hair,teeth and their nails are so long. The owner, Hendra Hartanto said that he cannot tell the specific story how he get the Jengglot. He just said when he was in Pantai Ngilep, Malang, Jawa Timur – Indonesia to doing meditation. He was not really conscious, because it was like a dream. He said it between sleep and awake. He saw a something alive give him present, which has a big power and had been cursed and it is known as Jenglot. Jenglot’s hair and nails is growing. It has been tested with doctor and hospital that Jenglot’s skin is having a human DNA and Jenglot is came from a family of human or monkey species long time ago. Furthermore, Hendra claimed that every 35 days on Friday, he will give the Jenglot parfume and blood to be consumed. Hendra wasn’t really sure about the facts because he cannot wait in the front of the Jenglot everytime to check whether the Jenglot would drink it or not. But everytime he checked, he found that the parfume and the blood was gone.


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