Indonesia’s favorite man.. The Rainman!


When you spent most of your time in Indonesia and during rainy season, you will know our famous man. We called it ‘Pawang Hujan’. His job is to move or delay the rain due to some important occasion will be held. Their job range type is from outdoor wedding party to governmental ceremony. They work based on Islam’s preception or teaching. They can only pray to God and ask to delay or move the rain to another part, such as mountain, river, or any other places. But still they believe everything is God’s plan they only just trying to ‘talk’ with God. Some of the Pawang Hujan needs chillies and chicken heads to give them more power to doing his magical supernatural prayer. According to my experiences, 90% of my friends or family who using their services was successfully. It is a common thing to use Pawang Hujan in Indonesia. Furthermore, they charged pretty high rates especially for the rich host.


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