Mbah Marijan the gatekeeper of Gunung Merapi (Mountain of Fire)


Gunung Merapi is known as one of the mystic mountain. Local people believe there are many spirits live in there. Many people been warned before climb the mountain to excuse and pray before they step on the Gunung Merapi. It is to prevent unwanted accident happened. Lots of accidents happened when they were not aware of the rules, some climbers get lost or fall from the mountain. Another thing, you cannot do anything or say anything bad on the Gunung Merapi. It will bring  very bad luck. Furthermore, Mbah Marijan was known very well when Gunung Merapi was erupted on the 2006. In that time, he refused the warning of the King of Yogyakarta and the president of Indonesia to go away from his house which only 3KM from the Gunung Merapi. He said that his job was to protect Gunung Merapi and he will not go anywhere. Mbah Maridjan is the man who was chosen by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono XI as the gatekeeper of Gunung Merapi replaced Mbah Maridjan’s dad because his dad died. The reason why Mbah Maridjan refused to leave his house because he said that day Gunung Merapi will not erupt, but he doesn’t know for tomorrow and its true the Merapi not erupt on that day, but a month later. He said to all the journalist and the local people, keep pray and don’t do anything bad which can make Merapi angry such as took the sand, cut the trees on the Merapi. Everytime the alert of Gunung Merapi happened, he will fasting, pray and go to Gunung Merapi to ‘talk’ with the spirit of Gunung Merapi and make it calm so Merapi will not angry and erupting. Every year, it will be held a sacred occasion for Gunung Merapi and Mbah Maridjan as a leader of the ocassion. The ceremony is to pray for the God and talk with the spirit of Merapi to keep safe and calm down. They also pray for the safe of Yogyakarta which the city of their place. Furthermore, the least eruption happened on October 2010 which in that time, slays the gatekeeper who is Mbah Maridjan. He again refused to leave his house, the last police team who went to his house went back to the safe place because Mbah Marijan told them that he needs to pray first and the police need to go back soon because the status of Merapi is really dangerous. Finally, after the eruption, Maridjan’s body was found in a  bent praying position. Broto Seno, commander of Yogyakarta’s search and rescue team, said the 83-year-old spiritual gatekeeper of Mount Merapi died almost instantly. “There were no signs of pain. His body was prostrated rigidly, not like he suffered from the fire,” he said. Speaking on behalf of the Yogyakarta Palace, Gusti Prabukusumo said they had a premonition about Mbah Maridjan’s fate. “We had known long before it happened that Mbah Maridjan would be taken by Merapi. Now that he’s gone, we have to choose a new gatekeeper soon,” Prabukusumo said. Another interesting part is when a close friend and fellow paranormal, Wangsafyudin, also known as Ki Demang, said he visited Mbah Maridjan four days before the eruption, asking him to leave. “He said he couldn’t because he had a responsibility and that because ‘my time to die in this place has almost come, I can’t leave,’ ” he said.


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