• Don’t cut your nails inside your own house, it will bring bad luck #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t cross your feet onto other feet, it will bring bad luck #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t put you hand on your forehead while sleeping it will bring a bad luck #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t sleep while maghrib (Sunset) (5.30pm- 7.00pm) it’s the time when the sky changes from bright to dark, it is when the ghosts come out #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t open your umbrella inside house it will bring you bad luck #BALI  #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • Virgin girls must wake up in early morning, otherwise her future prince will not come very soon #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t eat while you stand or walking otherwise your husband will easliy falling into another woman #indonesia #myth
  • Don’t lay flat on one’s stomach otherwise your parents will die soon #indonesia #myth
  • If you see a bright butterfly, go inside your house soon it will bring a good news, but if you see butterfly with a dark color you will get a bad news #southcelebes #indonesia #myth
  • For women, never go inside Balinese temple whilst having your period it will bring  bad luck #Bali #indonesia #myth
  • If you get a swollen blue purpleish mark, it means you must have been bitten by a ghost #indonesia #myth

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