The walking death body in Toraja, South Celebes – Indonesia


Tana Toraja is regency of South Celebes in Indonesia. It is one of the most famous place in Indonesia as known for the culture. Recently, people have been asking about the truth of the walking death body in Tana Toraja. Luckily, my aunty is purely from Tana Toraja and she is know everything about Toraja. Actually I knew about the story long time ago. But people just know it. So, back in past, since Toraja is a cordillera area and quite a small regency with most of the people live in there will travel from another place to another place by walking. They will go through a long time journey with bumpy roads and full of rocks. So it is possible for them to die when they were walking through the road. Furthermore, when people found their dead  someone who has magic will be called and then they will give their magic spell to the death body to walking by themselves to go back to their home. It is for the death body and spirit which Toraja’s people do believe in appreciate the people who has died because their soul still alive. Once you don’t appreciate or forgot about them, you will get a bad luck. So it is a fact that death body can walking in Toraja. The spells are not using so much in the meantime, unless they really need it for example, they need the dead body walking by themselves to their cemetery. The dead body will put into a stone cave which is so high to reach. they believe their God comes from earth and sky, so dead bodies will not buried in the ground, it will contaminate the earth which has to be clean as a holy earth..


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